Featured Artists & Artisans

-We proudly feature a wide variety of Boulder and Escalante area Artists and Artisans as well as a few other regional artists.
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A list of our artists and artisans can be found below the gallery.

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Featured Artists: Boulder/Escalante area

Ace Kvale – Photography
Adventure Designs (Geogine Blaser & Colter Hoyt) – Jewelry
Alysia Angus – Photographic art cards
Alyssa Thompson – Handmade soaps and jams
Amber Thompson –  Beaded jewelry
Amy O. Woodbury – Painter
Ana Sanders – Jewelry, forged metals and semi-precious stones
Angie Evenden – Textiles, hand-dyed scarves
Anselm Spring – Photography, mixed media images and music
Arts Desire (Pauleen Tucker) – Jewelry and mixed media
Brigitte Delthony – Pit-fired pottery
Carl Dede – Knifemaker and metalworker

Cheryl Cox- Ceramics
Colleen Thompson – Croched scarves, jellies and jams
Darren E Logan (Eclectic Canyons) – Fine art, Earth Art, Turquoise jewelry, mixed media, photography
Dennis Bertucci – Woodworker and furniture maker
Hannah Ohlwiler – Musician
House of Aromatics (Eric Bresselsmith & Lisa Kolk) – Artisan Wildcrafted essential oils and flower essences

Judith Rasoletti- Colored Pencil Mandalas
Larry Davis – Woodworker specializing in turned bowls and carved figures
Lillian Lyman – Weaver, hand loomed rugs and pressed flower cards
Luna Bonzon – Pottery, painted mirrors and crafted walking sticks

Melody Perdikis- Felt wear
Mike Nelson – Boulder Mountain Pottery

Night Raven- Lotions and Salves

Pam Furches- Inkleloom Belts

Matt Furches- Hand-carved Spoons, hairsticks and Bowls
Relics (Ellen Cooper) – Jewelry
Scotty Mitchell – Plein-air Pastels, Giclee prints, cards and earrings
Shannon Spence – Metal and Semi-precious stones

Stephen Karlin, Boulder Digital Arts- Photography

Teri Schadeck – Fused glass jewelry and plates
Tila and the Textiles (Amber Frigaard) – Textiles, original one of a kind designed clothing using re-purposed fabrics

Regional Artists and Artisans:

Breezy Mountain Leather (Valerie Szarek) – Leather Bags

Colby Angelos- Boulder Photography
David Okerlund – Trade Bead jewelry, silverwork and craft
Ed Kolle – Metalwork, ‘treasure boxes’
Fraser Smith – Woodworker, marble art
Garth Harrison – Oil Paintings and prints
Imperiale Forge (Mike Miller-Imperiale) – Metalwork, Blacksmithing
James Reed – Words and Etchings
Lester Abeyta – Turquoise Jewelry
Maruca –  Artsy, light weight and functional bags
Nellie Tsosie Diné – Natural Pinyon Creme (Salve)
Norm McKee – Photography
Sabaku Artwear – Textiles
Stone (Shelly Birch) – Stone Jewelry